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TV4ZoomPanel is cool, easy to use panel which displays zoom of loaded picture (BMP or JPG format) within rectangle with specified width and height. Zoom may be in auto mode or user defined size. Width and height of zoom rectangle may be defined. Border color of zoom rectangle may be defined. Cursor visibility while zooming may be on or off. Important properties (added to standard TPanel properties): - AutoScale (if true then zoom factor is automatically estimated) - HideCursor (if true then cursor is hidden while zooming) - ZoomActive (if true then zoom rectangle is visible) - ZoomBorderColor (border color of zoom rectangle) - ZoomFactor (zoom factor - used only if AutoScale = false) - ZoomPicture (picture to zoom) - ZoomRectWidth (width of zoom rectangle) - ZoomRectHeight (height of zoom rectangle) Price: 5US$ (15US$ with source code)
Added: 11-05-1999/7-06-1999   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1470/1371/1
Author:Jacek Zbi#ek   [DSP files]


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