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[ D3 | D4 ]
This component is a "replacement" for a progress dialog, in the cases where you don#t know how long it will take to end the operation. It is meant to "distract" the user with a fancy animation, while the operation is executed. Believe me, it will look like your processing become faster! The component is a serie of bars, where each can be on or off, enabled by a mask, or by properties. You can enable the bars yourself, but you can animate then automatically, with the processes included. You can select to enable one bar in a row, in intervals of 100 ms, you can make animated text that flows from one side to another, you can even do your own animation in the OnAnimate event! And it DOESN`T BLOCK YOUR PROGRAM, because it is all in a thread!! You can see it all on the Delphi IDE, just set Animated = true! But wait, there#s more! (where I heard that?) You can select a start end end color for everything, from the bars, the border line, to the font! The component interpolate between the colors, and you get a nice effect! You can put text on the bars, one char in each bar. You can select how many bars to skip, and if text gets out of the bars, it will appear at the other side!
Free for all uses.
Added: 3-05-1999/15-06-1999   |  Version: 1.2   |  Downloads: 9222/6697/0
Author:Rangel Gustavo Reale   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 329,223 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
BDE ExportSQL 1.0. BDE ExportSQL is a wizard that will create a SQL script from a BDE alias, for uploading on SQL servers. The script can contain the table scructures and data, and there are many options available to customize the script creation. To be database independent, ExportSQL uses a "SQL Definition File (SDF)", which states different parameters for different databases. Each .SDF file in the EXE directory denotes a database which will appear in the Target database combo. You can look at them, as they are only INI files, and you can create your own for your database. Currently, ExportSQL come with definitions for Standard SQL and MySQL Server. Some BDE ExportSQL feature are: available) corresponding fields to NOT NULL (when UNIQUE) All the screen parameters can be saved on a "ExportSQL Definitions" file (ESD), to be loaded again when necessary.
This was developed in Delphi 4.03, so I think you will need the latest BDE to use it.
Added: 3-05-1999   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 2343/2343/2
Author:Rangel Gustavo Reale   [DSP files]

[ ] [ 133,887 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ With Source ]
[ D4 ]
TMySQLDataset 0.7 component
This is a component to access MySQL databases from Delphi. It uses libmysql.dll (included), so no BDE, ODBC, or anything more, needed! This component descends from TDataset, so you should be able to link it to most visual database controls. On version 0.7, TMySQLDataset can read data from any MySQL database, and can insert, update and delete from any table too. Probably it can be used in Delphi 3, but I have not tested it.
Freeware for all uses.
Added: 15-07-1999   |  Version: 0.7   |  Downloads: 3992/3992/4
Author:Rangel Gustavo Reale   [DSP files]


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