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[ ssetup.exe ] [ 606,713 bytes ] [ Freeware ] [ No Source ]
This freeware is a small setup/update utility for program distributions.
  • Uninstall support
  • Create your own add-in DLLs (with ability to get/set setup internals)
  • Handling Shared Files
  • Create built-in self extractor, so that, a further decrease in your setups
  • It can use variables, strings stored in registry, ini files and also system folders.
  • Ask user to enter directory, program group, or ask something as free input
  • Create shortcuts anywhere, even to recent files
  • Create/modify Registry entries (String and DWORD)
  • Create/modify INI entries (String)
  • Copy, Delete, Execute files
  • OCX/EXE/DLL/TLB registration
  • Conditional prosess (IF/ELSE) and jump with GOTO
  • Execute any command line with wait option
  • Custom messages/Question dialogs
  • A script editor with syntax highlight and a wizard(?) is included
  • Complete script interpreter (needs no external files) 'Setup.exe' is only 49 KB that can also be used as SFX header by (in the MS-DOS prompt):
    COPY /b Output.exe
  • Turkish version is available
Added: 17-04-1999/7-06-1999   |  Version: 4.0 Beta 1   |  Downloads: 674/265/4
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