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Overseer is message-based debugging tool with rich set of message types and features. Major features are: 1.) Different message types, like basic message, warning, error, checkpoint, note, enter/leave procedure. 2.) Data attachments to messages with common data support (integer, string, boolean, point, rectangle, pointer assigment, color, component published properties (via stream), stringlist) 3.) Blackboard for last-value/state string messages. 4.) Basic code profiling capabilities. 5.) Multiple sections of code. You can independently enable/disable each active section. 6.) Automatic Overseer startup on debug session start. 7.) Search messages containing specified string 8.) Load/Save log (new in version 1.3.0)
Added: 21-02-1999/28-02-1999   |  Version: 1.3.0   |  Downloads: 2056/1906/3
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