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    Mbox is a visual Message-Box Designer . It allows to create MessageBox source-code for C++ Builder and Delphi. MBox allows to save Title, Text, Buttons etc. for reuse.




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The LED-Package is a small collection of LED-components for Delphi 2 and Delphi 3. TBitLED displays up to 32bit-values 'bit by bit' (1 LED for 1 bit). TLevelLED works like a level-meter with 3 different colored segments. TBoolLED displays boolean values. Each component is customizable in many ways. Help-File and Demo included !
Price without source : US$ 15 Price with source : US$ 25
Added: 31-05-1998/19-01-1999   |  Version: 1.01   |  Downloads: 1168/1132/1
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If your app must write a protocol for any event that occurs, this component is the right one. The protocol-file can "check" itself after appending a new record. If this automatism is enabled, the number of records or the age of the reocords will be checked. There are two modes for checking : "Delete all records that are older than xxx days" or "Delete xxx records when there are more than yyy records in the file". Everything works automatic by setting a few properties in the object-inspector. Autocreation of new protocol-files is also implemented. You only set name and folder for the new file and call the method "CreateTable ()" - that's all. Each protocol-record can be classified. You also can specify a username and an "event-type" for each record. By using the "class" and the "type"-parameters you can sort or filter all protocol-entries later.
"Trialware", runs if delphi-ide is running. Price without source : US$ 15 Price with source : US$ 25
Added: 3-01-1999/19-01-1999   |  Version: 1.01   |  Downloads: 0/0/0
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