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Handel is a free, standalone development tool created with Delphi 4 that enables you to create, compile, and run projects. Handel also supports Form Design Environments such as Delphi and can open and write units, projects, and forms created with Delphi 2 or 3. However, it is not perfectly compatible with Delphi. Handel is developed with Delphi 4. So if you want to compile Handel source, you must have Delphi 4. If you modified or enhanced handel source, please send to me the source. If so, I will reflect the source at next version. If you have any questions, proposals, bug reports, please send e-mail to me or visit my homepage. Special Thanks to: Ray Lischner - Author of "Screts of Delphi 2" Adam Cutchin - Author of "Delphi 3.x Runtime Object Inspector" Bluette Team - Java Development tool made by Delphi Martin Waldenburg - Syntax HighLighting Handel is freeware , and the source of Handel is opened. You can download the source at http
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