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The Vector Unit for Borland Delphi exports the TVector component which is used to model vectors, i.e., the members of an N-dimensional, real vector space. Objects of type TVector dynamically allocate memory so that N, the number of elements in the v
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W-RCS is a simple but robust software application providing a graphical user interface (GUI) for document revision control. It is a 32-bit Windows (95/98/Me/NT/2000) application that makes running several of the command-line utilities comprising the GNU Revision Control System (GNU-RCS) version 5.7 more accessible to users familiar with the MS-Windows GUI and who are not necessarily adept with command-line utilities. W-RCS does not attempt to implement invoking all options of the complete GNU-RCS suit of utilities, however, the complete suit of GNU-RCS command-line utilities and documentation is distributed along with W-RCS so that you do have access to the full functionality in the traditional, command-line way, if needed. W-RCS is well-suited to when you have related computer files stored in a common folder and want to maintain a revision history for those documents. The program works equally well on a stand-alone computer, where you just want to keep revision histories for your personal files, as well as in a shared-file, network environment with multiple persons needing to make updates to a set of files in an orderly fashion governed by a library-like check-in/check-out protocol. It could be used for a small software development project, and it could also apply to any other computer files and documents which you want to maintain a record of changes for in a shared file environment.
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