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  Ladislav Sobr [email][Home]
  LafiSoft [email][Home]
  Lajos Farkas [Home]
  Lakatos Balage [email] 
  Lake of Soft (Lake Unanimated) [email][Home]
  Lake of Soft, Ltd (Aleksandr Shamray) [email][Home]
  Lance Leverich  
  Larry J. Rutledge [email][Home]
  Larry Nezar [email][Home]
  Lars Akerman Software (Lars Akerman) [email][Home]
  Lars Flxe Nielsen [email][Home]
  Lars Lautrup [email][Home]
  Lars Akerman [email][Home]
  Larsson Consulting (Fredrik Larsson) [email][Home]
  Laszlo Kertesz  
  Laszlo Kunetz [email] 
  Laszlo Safranyik [email][Home]
  Lau Hui Boon [email] 
  Laurent Savaete [email][Home]
  Laurent Taupin | WPTechnology (Laurent Taupin) [email][Home]
  law [email][Home]
  Lawrence Blue B. Cuenca [email] 
  laydock [email] 
  LC Software [email] 
  Leandro dos Santos [email] 
  Leandro Prusch [email] 
  Least-Resistance Software (Scott J. Miles) [email][Home]
  Lectum Information Technology [email][Home]
  Lee Christensen [email] 
  Lee Snedegar [email][Home]
  Lefteris loukis [email][Home]
  Legitima Software [email][Home]
  Leif Lundberg [email] 
  Lelyushkin Sergey [email] 
  Len Bruening [email] 
  Leng Vang [email] 
  Lenham Computer Services Ltd  
  leo [email][Home]
  Leo D. Shih [email] 
  LEON Sebastien [email][Home]
  Leonid Schavelev [email][Home]
  Leroy Casterline [email] 
  Lester Kovac [email][Home]
  Leszek Skorczynski [email][Home]
  Levend Sener [email][Home]
  LGM (yehuda sharvit) [email][Home]
  Li Ying [email] 
  Li-Hsin Huang [email][Home]
  Lilian Semionov [email] 
  Lincoln Beach Software (Harold Holmes) [email][Home]
  Lincoln Birnie (Lincoln Birnie) [email] 
  Lindsay DPenha [email] 
  Lingscape Ltd [email][Home]
  Liodden Data (Liodden Data) [email][Home]
  LionKnight Software [Home]
  Liran Shahar [email] 
  LizaJet (Lizajet) [email][Home]
  llionsoft [email][Home]
  LMD Innovative [email][Home]
  LNS [email][Home]
  Logic Process Corporation [email][Home]
  Logic-Software [email] 
  Logicraft Inc.  
  LogicX SDC (Markus Thielen) [email][Home]
  LogicX Software & Grafix Development [email] 
  logiware gmbh Germany (Ralf Kronemeyer) [email][Home]
  LollySoft [email][Home]
  Lord of Darkness [email] 
  Lorenzo Gulli [email] 
  Lothar Perr [email] 
  Louis Louw [email] 
  Lubomir Antonov [email][Home]
  Luc Lavallée (Luc Lavallée) [email] 
  Luca Guzzon [email] 
  Luca Tomat [email][Home]
  Luca Vettoretto [email] 
  Lucian Wischik [email][Home]
  Luciani Gianni [email] 
  Luciano Bajo Eloy [email] 
  Luciano Bonifacio Rodrigues [email][Home]
  Luciano Ribas [email][Home]
  Ludovic Dubois [email][Home]
  Luigi Bianchi [email][Home]
  Luis Cruz (Luis Cruz) [email][Home]
  Luis Enrique Silvestre [email] 
  Luis Rodrigues (Luis Rodrigues) [email] 
  Luiz Carlos Mendonça  
  Luiz Rogerio Reine [email] 
  Lukas Gebauer [email][Home]
  Lukasz Knasiecki [email][Home]
  Lukasz Knasiecki UHO Software [email] 
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