DSP support

Apply to shareware and these freeware authors who sells sources
I ask I would greatly appreciate if you could treat me as a registered user for all your files|components I add to DSP. I'm only interested in FULL version ( i.e. with sources )
Why 1st. This would be your donation to keeping DSP alive. Many times you asked me why I'm doing this and who pays me for all this work. Answer is - I do it because I like it and no-one pays me for it. Yea, no-one !
2nd. Think of it this way: it would be my simple refund of what he is doing for popularity of my product. How many people saw your product on DSP for the first time? Otherwise, they couldn't find it ( general conclusion - people are lazy and minority of internet users ( especially programmers ) waste their time on walking on the net. One site, one favourite NEWS group ;). Does it not convince you ?
Don't worry IMPORTANT: such donation is not a condition on which these files will be added to DSP archive. This is only your goodwill.

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