File Naming Rule

Previously, due to DSP managing scheme (yes, I know, that was odd) you had to follow DOS naming rule, i.e. 8.3.

This is NOT valid anymore!

i.e. your FileName can be as long as you wish (please, use reasonable long names)
But new rules are VERY important: Why? DSP is hosted on UNIX machine, so CASE matters (i.e. is sth different than and I assume (to simplify my scripts) that you DON'T use spaces in FileNames.

One small note, as some uploaders seem to forgot that trivial thing. Extension *IS* important, so please do write FileName correctly i.e. with extension ( there *is* difference between myfile and



Use unique names

Please do not send files with not unique file names as: setup.exe, trial.exe ... I think it is a good practice to create file names prefixed with your forename and surename or company name abbreviations.



File version in upload filename

I can say that I hate this. It is very difficult ( for me of course, and I have to say that I am not ding this at all ) to clean DSP ftp area from outdated uploads. Please do avoid this as a plaque.



Add target to upload filename

If you have several archives that are designed for various compilers(versions) eg d2, d3, d4 and so forth, try do add this compiler abbrreviation (d2,c3) into upload filename.  

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