Is my file applicable ?



DSP Golden Rule

This web site is devoted for supporting programmers using Borland compilers : You may ask yourself, what does it exactly mean?
Simply, I don't want add to DSP all programs you create by using above tools, but only files that are helpful in programming. By this wide definition you may send executables (tools) as well when you consider them useful for programmers.



Additional Sections

On your demend several additional sections have been added to DSP. I you are going to uplaod file into one of them, please do keep in mind above DSP Golden Rule, ie your file should be helpful for Delphi/BC++Builder programmers. OK, these sections are:

You may ask yourself, why so much restrictive DSP is ?
Answer is very simple. I don't want add to DSP all programs you create in Borland's tools, because I am not going to compete with well known MS Windows repositories ( eg WinSite ). Please do keep in mind that this site name is The Delphi Super Page which stand for: Delphi is PRIMARY target here !



Don't bother yourself

Please do not waste your time and efforts to upload stuff which is not applicable for DSP. I will not accept:
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