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 Victor Ishikeev
    Shareware and freeware solutions for Borland Delphi, including HTMLReport - HTML based report generator, ColorMemo, Animated SystemTray Icon, DesignerForms, Neural Network Framework, and some freeware like TAplicata, TNetscape, TProgramManager
04-02-2002[DSP page]
 dbi technologies inc.

    Delphi tutorial system which covers everything from Delphi Basics to OLE programming and usage of DDE
 Pedro Pereira Goncalves
    Member of the inovaGIS project, this project is dedicated to promote the use of geographic information technologies among the general public. Our goal is to develop a free Geographic Information interoperable technology for a more efficient use of geographic information systems in everyday life applications.
07-06-1999[DSP page]
 Crystal Software
    Slam-dunk the most challenging edit tasks with TextPipe Pro - a powerful text-processing utility that combines 100+ conversion, translation and filtering operations on multiple text or binary files. Update web site text using search and replace, which supports perl pattern matching, sounds-like matching and edit-distance matching, and search/replace lists loaded from Excel/CSV/Tab files. Convert files from foreign computer systems between mainframe fixed-length formats and DOS, Macintosh and Unix line-feed formats. Filters can split or join files, add or remove lines or columns, remove blanks from the start or end of each line, remove blank lines, remove HTML tags, remove duplicate lines, add line numbers, sort, center or right justify text, word wrap, convert between ASCII and EBCDIC, OEM and ANSI, Unicode and ANSI, remap ANSI or Unicode characters, extract email addresses, expand or contract tabs, remove backspaces, remove binary characters, pad or truncate or force lines to a predet
11-10-2004[DSP page]
 Kaed System
    KDVOICEPHONE TOOLKIT is a development toolkit that enables you to power your applications with sound and telephony features.
09-08-2001[DSP page]
 Joachim Droest
    Examples about SAP/R3 BAPI/RFC with Delphi
05-11-2000[DSP page]
 Hai Li
    Zeal SoftStudio is leading ActiveX manufacturer. Zeal SoftStudio announces a series of control, including CheckListBox, Font List & Combo, NTPort Library, Color ComboBox, and so on.
15-01-2003[DSP page]
    ObjectCAD# is a graphical component to visualize various types of information. Scaling, rotation and translation within a real three dimensional space are the basic functionalities. Other features are: import/export of drawings, extensive snap, catch and selection capabilities, and database connection.
12-02-2003[DSP page]

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