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 Martin Lovell
    Contains source code and documentation for several Java applications and components, and eventually some C++, Kylix, and Delphi.
19-06-2001[DSP page]
 Cipher Development Lab
    New incarnation of Delphi Deli. Conatins FREQUENTLY ( really - I am not kidding ) updateable indexes, download statistics.
  [DSP page]
 Argus Software Pty Ltd
    Argus Software Automating Testing System (JTest) Release date: 13 March 2003 Release Version: 0.9.1 Release Name: jtest.0.9.1 Requirements JRE 1.3+ Features There are two classes that provide access to JTest engine: com.argus.jtest.RobotTesterUI com.argus.jtest.RobotTester (see example - Class com.argus.jtest.RobotTesterUI declared as MainClass in jtest.0.9.1 manifest. Class com.argus.jtest.RobotTester is responsible for communication with UI class and JVM/Windows Event Messaging System (see Tools menu on UI) Contacts Web Site: E-Mail:
09-02-2004[DSP page]
 Validtec Software
    Windows API hooking SDK helps you hooking Windows APIs or functions in other Dlls, and replace the API function or Dlls' function to your own function, That is to say, intercepts Win32 functions and re-writing target function to easily custom and extend existing system or application's function, whether in an executable application, a library, or the system's DLLs... and it can be used in VC++,VB,C++ Builder,Delphi, etc.
15-03-2004[DSP page]

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