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 Applied Analytic Systems, Inc.
    Applied Analytic Systems' components support decision making technology including statistical analysis, mathematical modeling and optimization, data mining, neural network and artificial intelligence (AI) systems. We are the leading provider of Delphi-based software for operations research and management science modeling.
24-07-1999[DSP page]
 Production Robots Engineering Ltd
    Specialists in industrial control software. Custom SCADA solutions, OPC clients and servers, software to interface anything with anything else. Also kernel-mode work in Windows and Windows NT.
04-05-2000[DSP page]
 Patrik Spanel
    This component was developped to work with the Instrument Interface ISA card (IS 1006) from Instrument Science ( The real time access to the card's hardware registers is realised using a virtual device driver (ISCARD.VXD) provided with the card.
03-03-2002[DSP page]
 Alexey A.Chernobaev
    See for new versions of the Vectors library. Other information now is in Russian only.
11-06-2000[DSP page]
 Alexander Turin (ANT Systems)
    Components for Borland Delphi 2,3,4,5 and C++ Builder. Disk utilities.
09-01-2000[DSP page]
 Andreas Schmidt
    Barcode component
03-10-1999[DSP page]
 John Gonzalez
    Delphi Programming Site Source of components and other info to develop for Windows NT. Home of the DelphiNT Project - An effort to create a set of components to make NT development easier.
15-06-1999[DSP page]
 IVS GbR - Software Engineering
    The IVS Language Controller is a Delphi component for the convenient development of multilingual applications. Properties of components can be configured multilingually in a fast and simple way by using a GUI. The advantage of the multilingual facility can also be given to already existing applications. In such a way, the IVS Language Controller was designed, that it always reacts correctly to changes of the Delphi form.
08-01-2001[DSP page]
 62NDS Solutions
17-10-1999[DSP page]
 Colin Sarsfield
    Some Delphi units for accessing DXF and XML files
20-05-2001[DSP page]
 Chuck Crowell-Taynton | FunkyPuppy Software
    Contains the TMemoryMappedStream class which provides Win32 memory mapped file capability in any application. Memory mapped files provide an excellent mechanism for sharing information between applications and serve as a convienent way to quickly access information (much faster than continuously reading from and writing to the hard disk). The full version contains six classes. In addition to the TMemoryMappedStream class, there are ready-to-use classes that introduce behavior for sharing memory mapped streams between applications, within applications, and even between threads. The most powerful classes in this package are the custom memory mapped stream classes. These three classes provide a simple foundation for deriving custom memory mapped streams by descending from Delphi#s TStream class. Both component and application developers will find it easy to create and implement custom memory mapped streams because of the familiar TStream behavior. Help files are included.
29-01-2002[DSP page]

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