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 InnoView Data Technologies
    MULTILIZER provides the broadest support for developing multilingual software in Borland RAD environments. It is the only product that can be used in all Delphi, C++Builder and JBuilder versions. Integrated translation tools and glossaries improve the overall quality of the localized software. Support for other RAD products make MULTILIZER the leading product both for small and enterprise-wide RAD-localization solutions.
02-04-2000[DSP page]
 DFL Software
    WebHub, the ultimate CGI framework for Delphi by Ann Lynnworth & Michael Ax
 Innoview Data Technologies LTD.
    Small program to print formatted sourcecode. Source included. I wrote this program in 2 hours because I couldn't find a proper working freeware version. Therefore I had no time to document it or to program all kinds of gadgets. But hell, you can do that yourself, can't you? Feel free to do whatever you want with it.
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 Tom van Engeland
    FluidPanel acts as a Parent for all TControls and is extended with the posibility to move it and resize it at runtime. Seven little handels appear on the edge of the Panel and can be resized with the RightMouse button.
14-05-2000[DSP page]
 Scott Mattes
    Several freeware or shareware components and tools for Delphi are available from Datalog Computers. Some of our experts are willing to share their knowledge with you. Check these excerpts of proven, reliable code, tested throughout the Datalog Computers projects. Make use of tools designed for professionals.
28-02-1999[DSP page]
 Andrei Roofin
    DeepSoftware from Russia the original components and applications written on Delphi by two authors: Roman Novgorodov and Andrei Roofin. (TnrComm, nrComm TrDBGrider, TnrWinCalc, Storage libraryr, TrDragController, EAS)
01-10-2000[DSP page]
 UtilMind Solutions
    Delphi / C++ Builder components Perl examples & shareware code
20-12-2004[DSP page]
 Roman Novgorodov
    DeepSoftware from Russia the original components and applications written on Delphi by two authors: Roman Novgorodov and Andrei Roofin. (TnrComm, nrComm TrDBGrider, TnrWinCalc, PropServer, TrDragController, EAS)
19-12-2005[DSP page]
 Javier Bechir
    Convertidor de números a letras TNumLet is a component that writes in words the numbers passed as parameters. The result text is writed in spanish. It can be used on 2 ways: 1.- Assign an Input TEdit descendent component and a TControl descendent as Output. The value writed on Input Control pass parameters to the Output one. 2.- Write the SetNumber property with a numeric value (without decimals places) and Read the Result property to see the result. Obs.: if AssociateInput control is not assigned but AssociateOutput component is assigned, using SetNumber write the AssociateOutput Caption or Text property. Without AssociateInput nor AssociateOutput components, Only assign a Value to SetNumber and read Result. You can select uppercase output, decimals places and decimal separator.
14-11-2000[DSP page]
    Transpear is the software title that I release my software under, it originally started a while ago with several members joining but due to pressures from work there is only 1 member left
04-04-2001[DSP page]
 Ma Jun
    Components and applications write in delphi. (In Chinese)
01-03-2001[DSP page] team
    no limitations on text size; easy-to-implement highlighting of text styles; hyperlinks support; gutter; user-defined block operations; macro recoring; auto-completion; auto-change; text templates; total control on any operation on text, cursor, mouse and clipboard; Windows XP visual styles compatibility; and many more...
24-06-2002[DSP page]
 Olivier Touzot
    Several Delphi units and/or components, all freeware, with source.
25-01-2005[DSP page]
 René Lieberwirth
    A Portal about Programming, LifeStyle and all you need.
14-02-2005[DSP page]
    Berg is the premier provider of the developer tools and solutions for Borland Delphi and CBuilder, located in Serbia And Montenegro - Europe. Berg product lines encompass a diverse range of high- quality, cutting-edge tools and solutions enabling users to successfully build powerful and modern applications.
25-07-2005[DSP page]

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