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ADEV IDExperts is an expert designed for delphi 6 with some tools that can help increase the productivity of delphi developers. Main options avaliable in the current release ==> Procedure to automatically close DataSets; =====> Which can be set to run automatically in all opened forms before project compilation, insuring that your project won't have a performance hit with Datasets that are opened unnecessarily when you application/form is loaded. ==>Procedure to standardize the naming of components; ====>This procedure verifies if all components in your form are following a naming standard (Eg. all TDBEdits must start with "dbe_" as prefix), it shows stats for the modifications made and corrects distortions; ====>For components which have a "DataField" property, their name are customized following the name of their field; ====>For components based on TCustomLabel, if the property "FocusControl" is set, the component's name will be it's Prefix + the name of its FocusControl; ====>All prefixes can be customized by the user. ==>Procedure to verify and correct TabOrder; ====>This procedure corrects the TabOrder following a logical Order (line/column), usually followed in applications, reducing the time taken to check each and every component's TabOrder; ====>Configures the ActiveControl(optionally); ==>Perfect Layout Procedure; ====>With this option, you standardize the size and position of all forms, following the layout that pleases you most; ====>This procedure is executed automatically after opening a new project (optional); N E W ==>Code Snippets; ====>A database with several code examples from many authors (collected from Swags, Internet/etc), It allows users to add their own code samples; ====>It also has a basic system to aid in finding the desired examples; ==>Delphi's IDE menu navigation; ====>To aid IDE Tool developers, now you can navigate thru IDE menus seeing their main properties (Name, Caption, Action, ShortCut); ==>IDE forms Navigation; ====>To aid IDE tool developers, now you can navigate thru the forms inside the IDE and their main components; ==>New Alignment Pallete, with many options not avaliable in delphi's standard pallete; It has all the options from delphi's standard alignment pallete plus 2 new options and one correction; ====>It can set the WIDTH for selected compoments to be iqual to the first component selected; ====>It can set the HEIGHT for selected compoments to be iqual to the first component selected; ====>The procedure to make the spacing (both horizontal and vertical) amongst components is slightly different from the one that delphi provides. While Delphi calculates the spacing as if all components had the same size as the first selected component, the ADEV align procedure adjusts their spacing taking under consideration the size of each component. ==>Shortcut keys customization; ====>All options can have a shortcut key set by the user; ==>Internationalization option; ====>To aid in application Internationalization, ADEVIDExperts has a resource strings editor, Just set it for the language you prefer;
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