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Graphical Controls

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Small control that can be used like a UML note on any form or datamodule.
Added: 20-10-2000/26-10-2000   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1514/1452/2
Author:Thierry Coq   Thierry Coq   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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The WDGradient.Pas unit contains the implementation of a TWDGradientLabel and a TWDGradientPanel. These components use the GradientFill method found in MSIMG32.DLL to draw a gradient background. Since MSIMG32.DLL is not part of Win95 or NT4, the MSIMG32.DLL is dynamically loaded and allows apps using these components to run on any Windows platform. Written and tested with D5, but should work on D3, D4 and D6 with little or no modification.
Added: 12-06-2001   |  Version: 1   |  Downloads: 1190/1190/1
Author:Wilco van Driel   [DSP files]

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Wingraph pack is intended for doing simple graphics,making math-oriented programs, learning Object Pascal in Delphi. It consists of several units, but basically you use just one of them. It allows you to build relatively small applications (22-25 kb) in Delphi effortlessly. It is distributed as freeware. However, sending postcards and money is not prohibited. The source code is included, and you may use it as you wish, but you should not distribute any files without my name in there.
Added: 21-05-2000   |  Version: 0.96   |  Downloads: 5330/5330/9
Author:Khivrich Ilya   [DSP files]

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