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TDebugLog is a Real-Time Debugger. Watch and log what happens to your variables as your program runs. Logs can be printed as well as exported to HTML, Word, Excel & more. Ideal for Loop Debugging. Can even log entire StringLists.
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Added: 28-02-1999   |  Version: 1.01   |  Downloads: 5827/5827/2
Author:Y-Tech Corporation   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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Eureka is a software that perfectly integrates with Delphi IDE, allowing to compile programs able to intercept any type of exception, to create a list of jumps made in the program before producing the error (unit names and line numbers) and to store it in a log file. Unlike the many other similar softwares, Eureka increases dimension of the executable just by 1% and, integrating itself completely with Delphi, it doesn't ask for any additional operation over the simple compilation. Eureka is compatible with Delphi 3-4-5, and exists in two versions, Lite (freeware with limited functions), and Professional (commercial, with more features). This is the Lite (freeware) version for Delphi 3/5.
Added: 22-04-2001   |  Version: 2.4   |  Downloads: 1682/1682/0
Author:Fabio Dell'Aria   Fabio Dell'Aria   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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A debugging tool for Borland Delphi users. Hunts memory leaks, memory corruption, use of an object after its destroying, etc.
Added: 13-09-1997/15-08-1999   |  Version: 2.06   |  Downloads: 5594/4049/2
Author:Jean-Marc Eber and Vincent Mahon   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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PBWatcher is a supplement to the Delphi Watch debugger. Watch variables and expressions inside/outside the Delphi environment at both runtime and designtime with/without breakpoints. Use it anywhere in your code, even before any forms are created. Easy to At designtime it acts as a Delphi add-on and at runtime it acts as an add-on to your application. Settings are automatically saved and loaded. Save/load/print and search the watchlog. AutoSave. View one line per variable or add continuously. Change settings (show/hide watchwindow, enable etc.) at designtime/runtime. Watch for instance local variables and timerevents/paintevents realtime without breakpoints. Debug your components designtime/runtime interface. Help-file is included. Version split into design/runtime package - makes designtime watch easier. [more]
Added: 6-08-2000/8-11-2004   |  Version:   |  Downloads: 9273/9047/14
Author:Poul Bak   Bak-O-Soft   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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