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Windows includes several common dialogs such as Open, Save, Print, Find etc and they are all in the language of the operating system. It is therefor not necessary to localize them unless you need to comply with certain standards or to provide a multi language feature. This simple component can help you localize those standard dialogs into any language. Since the implementation of Common Dialog Translator is based on a true open architecture you can freely use third party components or design your own dialogs, but still be able to localize them without their source in just seconds with this simple component. It is only necessary to drop this component on one form in the whole application to be able to localize all your common dialog components that is derived from the TCommonDialog class. But before you can localize the dialogs, you will need to internationalize it, that is select and include the properties you want to translate on the dialog. This can be done in the Dialog Translator Editor which can be acti
A license with full source code for US$ 49. This component is also included in the complete Multi Language Designer package.
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