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DIPcre is an advanced regular expression library for Boland Delphi. It is based on PCRE, one of the most powerfull and well-tested reg-ex libraries available. For optimal performance, DIPcre uses Delphi's native register calling convention, compiles directly into your application, requires no additional files, and no DLLs.

DIPcre's regular expression syntax is Perl 5.8 compatible and one of the most complete on the market:

  • Full SubString / SubPattern Capturing
  • Named SubStrings / SubPatterns
  • Case-Sensitive and Case-Insensitive Matching
  • Greedy and Un-Greedy Repetition Quantifiers
  • SubPattern Back-References and Sub-Routines
  • Assertions: Positive / Negative, LookAhead / LookBehind
  • Conditional SubPatterns
  • Recursive Patterns
  • Pattern "Locking"
  • Unicode / WideStrings Support via UTF-8
  • Unicode Character Properties

RegEx string manipulation is possible via:

  • Simple pattern matching
  • Extracting matches, subpatterns, and named subpatterns
  • Formatting matches, subpatterns, and named subpatterns
  • Replacing matches, subpatterns, and named subpatterns
  • Listing formatted matches
DIPcre also includes two edit controls which validate user keystrokes against regular expressions. They are similar to TMaskEdit, but allow far more flexible input masks:
  • TDIPcreEdit
  • TDIPcreComboBox

To get you started, the DIPcre workbench helps writing and testing your regular expressions, the demo projects provide code examples and the HTML help answers your questions.

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