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Form Explorer for Delphi 5 and C++ Builder 5

Form Explorer is an IDE tool built to increase productivity of Delphi and C++ Builder programmers and provide them with new features and tools for visual development. In a nutshell, Form Explorer is a supercharged replacement for the Object Inspector, seamlessly integrated in the IDE.

Key features

  • Hierarchical form tree view pane, which graphically displays design forms and their components
  • Integrated Object Inspector
  • Supports Drag and Drop with the mouse. You can easily move components from one container (panel, group box, tab sheet) to a new container or another form
  • Component information window, which displays class hierarchy of the selected component and other related miscellaneous information
  • Component replacement tool to replace selected component with a component of another type
  • Component cloning tool
  • Enhanced selection and unselection functions to select/unselect components with a particular value of a property
  • Selection operations that provide selecting/unselecting of components by their type or position on the design form
  • Enhanced Find function with the ability to look up components using a property value as search criteria
  • Acquire Properties tool to selectively assign properties of one component to a number of other components
  • Configurable look and feel options

Added: 17-09-2000/15-01-2002   |  Version: 2.71   |  Downloads: 1111/1057/1
Author:Vladimir Vinogradsky   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Compatible files:  [ D6 ]

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