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[ com32v14.zip ] [ 129,610 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ D3 | C1 ]
The TCOMM_32 component is designed to add RS232 / COM port functionality. It is suitable for passing strings to an RS232 Controller and receiving the responses. Ideal for weigh scale controllers N/C controllers, Bar Code Readers etc.
Available directly from Amber see http://www.acsi.bc.ca or http://home.istar.ca/~ambersys
Added: 26-01-1998   |  Version: 1.4   |  Downloads: 2235/2235/3
Author:Amber Computer Systems Inc.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: wapevl10.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ D2 | D3 | C1 ]
Framework for developing Web server applications using Delphi 2, Delphi 3 or C++ Builder. Features : Runs on any NT Web server, Automatic Session Management, Live debugging, ASP-compatible HTML templates with Server-side scripts (VBS & JS), Rmt.
WebApp is available in two versions: Standard version for $199. Pro version (with source code and SMTP component) for $495.
Added: 6-08-1997/26-01-1998   |  Version: 1.04   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:HyperAct   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ link: cgix_cpp.zip ] [ size n/a ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 | C3 ]
CGI Expert is a components suite for Delphi & C++Builder 1&3, that makes CGI, ISAPI and NSAPI as easy as dropping a component into a form. Includes features like: Live debugging, live charts, cookie management, session variables, smtp ma
Added: 7-06-1998   |  Version: 3.04A   |  Downloads: n/a
Author:Lars Akerman   Lars Akerman Software   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ ickbcb10.exe ] [ 594,129 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 | C3 ]
A set of native components for building utilities that support Internet Commerce applications (ICK). Including an HTTPS component, an XML parser, FTP, RAS dialer. The data transfer controls make use of WinInet libraries. Several Demos are included.
245$ per developer, no royalties.
Added: 24-08-1998   |  Version: 1.0   |  Downloads: 1213/1213/0
Author:devSoft Inc.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Compatible files:  [ D3 | D4 ]

[ ipwbcb.exe ] [ 2,615,956 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 | C3 ]
IP*Works! :
  • Through the set of the controls, you can access the full range of Winsock features.
  • The controls are very easy to use, with a uniform and intuitive design.
  • Fast, robust, and reliable, the controls consume very little resources.
  • The controls are fully documented, with easy to use, fully indexed help files, and printed manuals.
  • All the controls use asynchronous sockets. This makes for very efficient Winsock applications.
  • The controls offer easy to use implementation of almost all the popular Internet protocols, and the range of features they cover, means that you can build professional Internet/Intranet applications with little or no effort.
  • Native C++ Builder VCLs, written in C++, and compiled with the native Borland C++ Builder compiler for best performance.
  • Compatible with C++Builder 1 and 3
  • An excellent 4+ year track record, maintained, supported and enhanced by a professional staff.
  • We charge no runtime fees, and no royalties of any kind. Only one license for the developer.
Fully functional evaluation version
Added: 23-02-1998/5-07-1999   |  Version: 4.0   |  Downloads: 1257/964/0
Author:devSoft Inc.   [Homepage]   [DSP files]
Compatible files:  [ D1 | D2 | D3 | D4 ]

[ isgmapi.zip ] [ 2,196,040 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ D1 | D2 | D3 | D4 | C1 ]
Improve your communication skills with this Simple MAPI component. Add E-Mail capabilities to your applications in minutes.
This version includes a Delphi 4 version of the ISGMapi Component. This Trial Version Only Works When IDE Is Running. The Source Code included in Registered Version.
Added: 15-11-1997/7-08-1998   |  Version: 2.1   |  Downloads: 1998/1998/0
Author:Infinity Software Group   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ rasdial.zip ] [ 16,486 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 ]
The TRasDialer component allows you to easily manage Dial up connections to the internet. Simply drop it on a form, set some event handlers, and it works !
Added: 16-05-1999/6-06-1999   |  Version: 1.00   |  Downloads: 1314/1314/0
Author:John P Scott   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ rasdial2.zip ] [ 32,970 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
[ C1 ]
The TRasDialer component allows you to easily manage Dial up connections to the internet. Simply drop it on a form, set some event handlers, and it works !
Added: 7-06-1999   |  Version: 1.10   |  Downloads: 1326/1326/0
Author:Laurent Savaete   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ sendmail.zip ] [ 768,908 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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The SendMail is Delphi/BCB component, used for sending e-mail messages via SMTP servers. The messages can be either in plain text or HTML format, contain attachments or embedded images for HTML contents. You can use the SendMail for dispatching of messages by mailing lists, specifying multiple recipients. The package contains TextTemplateConverter component, bonus utility which translates some specified %keywords% inside the text into some specified values. It can be used as plug-in for SendMail component to replace some keywords in the email templates (like % recipient_email% or %sender_name%) to their actual values.
Help-file included.
Added: 8-11-2004/20-12-2004   |  Version: 2.0.1   |  Downloads: 226/226/7
Author:Aleksey Kuznetsov   UtilMind Solutions   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

[ tftpclient.zip ] [ 197,157 bytes ] [ Shareware ] [ No Source ]
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This component is an easy FTP client. This means that it supports the FTP Internet Protocol ( File Transfer Protocol ), and lets you FTP any site. It uses non-blocking sockets, so your application won't be blocked during the operation. It is very easy to use: just connect to a server and use the system functions that you need. That's all. Methods: Create: Creates the component (Constructor) MKD: Make Directory (creates a directory in the server). PWD: Print Working Directory RMD: Remove Directory (deletes a server directory). CWD: Change working directory (like MSDOS/Unix cd) CDUP: Change the working directory to the parent of the current one. FTPConnect: Connects to the host specified in the Host property with the user and password specified in the User and Password properties. Open: Like FTPConnect but using parameters. LIST: Lists the contents of the current directory. It is like the MSDOS 'dir' or the Unix 'ls'. DeleteFile: Deletes a server file Quit: Closes the current session RenameFile: Changes the name of a server file Abort: Aborts the current transaction Cancel: Cancels the current operation even if the client is waiting for a server response. Put: Uploads a file to the server Get: Downloads a file from the server System: Retrieves server system properties NOOP: No Operation CustomCommand: Lets you define extra FTP functions. Properties: Information: This is the last information line (for exemple: server responses) WorkingDirectory: Current server working directory LastList: The contents of the last call to the LIST function (like MSDOS dir or UNIX ls). Waiting: Indicates if the client is waiting for the server response. SoundFile: File to use as sound for an error/connection notification. User: Login of the user. Password: Password of the user Host: Address of the host (FTP server) to connect. Port: FTP Port (standard:21) DataType: Type of the data to be transferred (ASCII, Binary or Auto) Name: Name of the component Events: OnError :Happens if an error occurs OnInformation: Happens every time that the client needs to show an information (for example: server responses, errors...) OnConnected: Happens when a session is established successfully OnConnectionClosed : Happens if the connection is closed OnFileGet: Happens when a file download is completed OnFilePut: Happens when a file upload is completted [more]
Full Source code included after registration
Added: 3-07-2000/23-08-2004   |  Version: 3.0   |  Downloads: 1913/1911/8
Author:Xavier Cirac   [Homepage]   [DSP files]

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