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  If you click on this image you will see DSP statistics (It is provided in polish language only).



2006/Mar/21 - DSP was moved onto another machine

Within ICM network DSP was relocated onto another machine so some things may not operate as they should e.g. ftp uploading area is not propperly sset up and I cannot get uploads out of there :(



2006/Feb/15 - Yet another network access problem!

Last week my neighbour, which shares network connection with me, decided to change network service type so ... another week without internet! Am I cursed or what ????



2006/Feb/01 - Continuous bad luck!!!

Due to various circumstances I lost my internet connection for over two weeks. I bought new access point and new antennas and connection was restored. I do hope it was for the last time !!!



2006/Jan/09 - Again!!!

Unfortunately, new year wasn't so good as I expected. I lost internet connection from home. Now it is OK, but I am very sorry that I haven't been answered your email on time.



2005/12/28 - Happy New Year

All the best in the new 2006 year!



2005/12/28 - I really hate Blizzard!

I am one of those 5 million morons population wasting their time playing WOW. Lot of fun instead developing DSP. Yes, another mystery solved ;)



2005/12/28 - Developing DSP

I decided not to update DSP by new Borland products (e.g. D2006). I don't want to waste my time on developing this site. All new products will be included in the new DSP site.



2003/10/13 - please, do not change DSP layout

It is unacceptable that some uploaders, use upl builder programe to ruin DSP pages. I allowed you to put some HTML tags to improve clearity of your descriptions, but some of you include within description tons of html stuff such as images, hot links, font directives that may potentialy affect displaying descriptions of other files. Please do not do this. Such entries will be removed from DSP.



2003/05/05 - another small note to uploaders

I have to admit that I've screwed up DSP upl builder e.g. you have to create upl file for every upload, there is no possibility to remove file from DSP or update author name (when you change name new entry is created). I really would love to rewrite it but, honestly speaking, I have no time for this and my other plans are ambitious. Anyway, please do download and use LATEST UPLBuilder from DSP (suggested database oriented) - this will give you ability to describe your upload better.
Thank you.



2003/01/27 - small note to uploaders

Some of you keeps asking me how to add in upl file compatibility mark for the latest Borland's compilers (say BCB6). It is quite simple. Download latest DB oriented UPL builder software which has appropriate tables updated.
On the other hand I keep asking you for: