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When you can send me a mail ...

You can send me a mail concerning I'll be deleting mails without feeling guilty when they contain one of the following




Please note I have full time work and I'm to busy, or to tired to answer your questions. Delphi question can be posted to NEWS, delphi listservers and many other places where you can find generous people willing to solve your delphi problems. I don't want to feel guilty for unanswering your mails. I do hope you will find these restrictions reasonable.
OK then, my mail address is:



Urgent e-mail

The above address is used mainly for DSP administration and I read emails only when I update DSP - once a week . I've got email address in my new firm, and plese, please do send there ONLY VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGES, which can't wait till the next DSP update. Say, it is an emergency line ;)
robert.czerwinski _at_ (remove _at_)




Just in case you would like to send me a postcard or sth ( bombs are no allowed :) here is my home address:  

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