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TextPipe (screen shot...) is a multi-file text transformation workbench that supports:

  • Search and replace
    • Literal text (both single line, multi-line and binary character search)
    • Text patterns, using egrep (perl-like) regular expressions
    • Sounds-like matching (soundex)
  • Multiple operations per file (eg apply 6 different search and replaces at the same time, followed by Unix to DOS EOL conversion)
  • Process any number of files and folders (with exclusion lists and subfolder depth settings), or the Windows clipboard
  • No memory limit on the size of files processed (eg process 2GB file in 16MB memory)
  • Test runs to verify results, as well as an ad-hoc area for testing conversions
  • ActiveX scripting - write your own filters in JScript, VBScript, PerlScript etc
  • TextPipe Engine can be embedded in your application to provide TextPipe's features to your users
  • Interactive as well as non-interactive modes of operation (can be invoked from command line or scheduling tool). Results are automatically logged
TextPipe is used by the world’s largest consulting firms for rapid results and flexible solutions, as well as by Banks, Publishing Firms, major Internet web sites and hundreds of private users.


  • Update huge web sites
  • Perform text mining on competitor web sites
  • Modifying text in large C, C++, Java, Visual Basic or Delphi projects
  • Clean and Scrub bad data for import into a data warehouse
  • Sort, remove or list duplicates
  • Map character sets
  • Add, delete, rearrange, split, pad, truncate or concatenate data fields
  • Handle tagged data like HTML and XML

Ziff Davis rated TextPipe a 5 Star Editor’s Pick - "Despite all these bells and whistles, TextPipe is amazingly easy to use."

Easy to Use

The easy-to-use interface of TextPipe has you doing complete data transformations in the shortest time possible.

  • Drag & drop of files and folders
  • Lets you test out changes without making them permanent - instant testing and iterative development
  • Filters can be saved for future reuse - no discarding code
  • Point and click conversions
  • Self-documenting filters using export features
  • Simple automation
  • No programming required

Copyright 1995-2000 Crystal Software
All support queries should be directed to launch@ozemail.com.au