Version Information Spy



Version Information Spy allows you to see the version information stored in an executable or DLL file, or in other files that contain version information.

There is a Windows application which can display version information by opening a file, dragging it from Explorer. The application can also be opened from an optional context menu handler.

In addition there is a console application that can display a file's version information on standard output.


The program requires Windows 95 or NT4 and later. It has been tested on Windows 2000.

Installation and removal


Note: To install on a Windows NT/2000/XP system you need to be logged on with administrator privileges.

The installation program for Version Information Spy is named fv6setup.exe. If the program was provided in a .zip file then extract fv6setup.exe from it.

Double click fv6setup.exe to run it. The install program is a console application. It will display some text and then pause for input. To install the program in the default location simply press return. To install elsewhere enter the full installation path and press return. If an earlier installation of Version Information Spy is present then the installer will ask for permission to uninstall it - the installation can't proceed unless earlier v5 or v6 programs are uninstalled.

Installing Version Information Spy will make the following changes to your system:


Note: you should close down all instances of Explorer before attempting to remove the program -- otherwise FileVerCM.dll will be in use by Windows and it will not be possible to delete it.

The program can be uninstalled via "Add/Remove Programs" in Control Panel.

The uninstall manually you must:

  1. Run Version Information Spy and disable the Explorer extension: this will delete all the registry keys associated with the extension.
  2. Delete the folder C:\Program Files\PJSoft\FileVer6 (assuming you accepted the default installation path).
  3. Remove the following registry keys detailed above. If values are specified, delete only the values, not the keys (unless empty).
  4. The DLLs DDNet.dll and VIBinData.dll can be deleted from the DelphiDabbler sub-folder of the Common Files folder can be deleted only if the entry for the DLL under the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDLLs has a value of 1 -- any greater value and the DLL is required by another application.

Known Issues

There are no outstanding reported bugs in the current release. Bugs reported in earlier releases which have now been fixed are:

Update History

The program's update log is available from the Version Information Spy home page at

License & Copyright

This program is copyright © 1999-2003 - Peter D Johnson, Llanarth, Wales, UK.

This program and its source code (where supplied) are placed in the public domain. The program may be freely copied and circulated on a not-for-profit basis providing that the source and executable code are unmodified and this notice, information about the author and the copyright notice are not detached from any file.

By not-for-profit I mean that a reasonable charge can be be to defray expenses incurred in distribution - e.g. cost of disks and postage, but no profit must be made.

Where source code has been provided it may be modified for personal use, but the modified code may not be redistributed without permission. Please notify me of any useful modifications so that I may include them in future updates.

No warranty is made about the suitability of this software for any application or use. It is provided "as-is" and is used at your own risk.

Please contact me at to let me know if you are using the software. I'd also like to hear your comments, bug reports and suggestions for improvements to the program.

This program has copyright and license information contained in the source code and embedded in the executable file and help file. Copyright information is usually displayed in the program's About Box.

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About the Author

I'm Peter Johnson - a hobbyist programmer living in Ceredigion in West Wales, UK. I write mainly in Delphi, but occasionally dabble in C, C++ and Java. My programs are available for download on my website: