Delphi interface unit for the Intel Signal Processing Library (ISPL)


    NSP.pas: 17-SEP-1997 (includes NSP.pas): 27-OCT-1997

(In previous versions of, some files were missing. I'm very sorry. I should have tested it…)


Intels native signal processing library is a set of signal processing functions for the Intel Architecture similar to those available for most Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Version 3 provides nearly 200 functions in standard DLLs and static libraries form.
The static libraries are of no use for a Delphi programmer, but you can import routines from the DLLs. NSP.pas is a 5000-lines import unit which makes all of the library routines available to the Delphi programmer.
I will update NSP.pas as soon as the final release of version 4 of the ISPL is available.

Getting the Intel Signal Processing Library

Before you can download the ISPL, you first have to register.
The ISPL consists of seven self-extracting files. You need three of them:
spldll.exe DLLs, Release Notes, and Header Files. 2.26 MB, 3/31/97
splref.exe Signal Processing Reference Manual. 2.67 MB, 3/31/97
splm6.exe Provides the Pentium® II processor supplement. 2.00 MB, 3/21/97

FIR ( finite impulse response) filter demo program

This is a (freely translated) Delphi port of the demo that can be found in <ISPL installation directory>\examples\firdemo after installation of the self-extracting file spldemo.exe.


To download a zipped file containing NSP.pas and the FIR filter demo, klick here.

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Last updated October 27, 1997.