The best tool to keep your SQL scripts portable, multi-platform!

Those of you who use SQL know how difficult it is to keep and maintain all of the various versions needed for the different platforms that your clients requires.

Whenever you need to make modifications to the SQL source code you not only have to revise all your scripts but also run the risk of missing something resulting in inconsistencies in one or more of your versions.

MultiSQL puts an end to this problem making the job of writing and maintaining your SQL scripts easier than ever.

This is how MultiSQL works: you write just one SQL script in an environment specially designed for the edition of the SQL source code thereby creating a master script. Within this master script, you place pre-processing directives than can be understood by the pre-processor incorporated in MultiSQL. These directives limit the global and specific codes of each SQL server that you develop, as well as any customization that you need to keep. Now the whole source code can be kept in just one file, from which you can summon a specific source code for each SQL server or customization you have in your database whenever you want.

The MultiSQL pre-processing directives even allow the definition of constants that make it easier to maintain your source code. MultiSQL’s powerful editor also has syntax highlight which facilitates reading the code, self correction and library of code templates. It has never been so easy to maintain your SQL script versions.

MultiSQL has a specially designed editor for the SQL source code with the following features: