CoSyDat Clipboard-Manager

The Clip-Manager mirrors (inspects) the content of the Windows Clipboard and is able to save this content to disk or load content from disk. The Format of the clipboard content may be changed.

Any Text file can be loaded from disk into the Clip-Manager (Clipboard) and then been pasted to other applications. This is valid for all textual files having extensions like TXT, RTF, DOC, XLT, INI, CFG, PRN, etc.

Any Graphic file can been previewed, opened and pasted on an other place, having extensions like GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP, ICO, EMF, WMF.
In place of loading a graphic, the file path of the graphic can be loaded to Clip-Manager in cases where an other application asks for this path to load the file.

Depending of the Format of a Clip-Manager content, this content can be saved to disk, having the format as shown at the middle Combobox.

Any Application having extensions like EXE, DLL, ICO, ICL, NIL can been searched for Symbols (Icon) embedded at the application. The Symbols are shown at the right hand Picture Combobox.  The highlighted Icon at the Picture Combobox can be saved to disk as "Symbol.ICO" or can be loaded to Clip-Manager as Bitmap (BMP).

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