Tool and framework to provide polymorphic and inter-language persistence. Save complex class hierarchies to file or string.

Supported Languages
  • Visual C++ V5 & V6
  • C++ Builder V4, V5 & V6
  • Delphi V5, V6 & V7
Designer Features
  • Repository Manager
  • Syntax Highlighting
  • Supports Constants, Classes, Enumerations, Interfaces and Structures
  • Documentation Generation (HTML)
  • User Defined Language Standards
  • Code Generation
  • Generation of Type Safe Containers
Persistence Features
  • Polymorphic Persistence
  • Inter Language Persistence (Persist in one language restore in another)
  • Persistable Containers
  • Persist to File or String (Making it easy to use with middleware products)
  • Persist Simple Types, Classes, Structures and Interfaces
  • Design tool to enforce standards
  • Use in middleware CORBA/DCOM/MQ Series to facilitate transport of complex data structures.
  • Persist data without need for bespoke functionality, flat file systems or relational databases.
Planned Features in Future Releases
  • Support for Java
  • Support for C#
  • Data Viewer (Navigate through data persisted to file.)
  • Repository Versioning (Simplifiy migration of persisted data.)