A professional solution for creating shareware

Easily create a time-limited evaluation version of any application, and generate a serial number to register it


w Tried and tested, currently in use by hundreds of shareware developers
w Quick and easy 1-step solution
w Comprehensive set of functions, if you wish to write your own shareware logic
w Reliably detect whether the system date has been set back
w Solid encryption and carefully designed strategy
w A DLL suitable for use with any programming language

New in Ver 2.0! Registration options:
Encode up to 8 binary flags in the serial number, so that your application can tell which options the user has registered for.

There is also a detailed general discussion of shareware limitation and registration strategies in the help file.

A test program is included so that you can easily test the functions.

List of functions in this DLL :

SharewareLimit Handles the whole logic for time-limitation in one step
SharewareReg Registers a trial version
AppSetup Sets up an application
AppRemove Removes an application
AppDaysLeft Returns number of days left in evaluation period
AppIsSetup Application set up or not
AppIsExpired Trial period expired or not
AppIsRegistered Application registered or not
DateIsSetBack System Date has been set back or not
GenRegCode Generates registration code, or serial number.
(This is in a separate DLL.)
GetCDriveSerial Returns serial number of the C: drive
SetDevPassword Sets the Developer’s password.
This prevents other users of 1Way from changing the status of your application.
SaveEncrypted Save strings as encrypted Registry entries
GetEncrypted Get a saved string
DelEncrypted Delete a saved string

A full function reference, and full instructions for calling the functions from your application are included in the Help file.

System requirements : Windows 95/98/2000/NT
Download size : about 500k (DLL size is 75k)
Standard install and uninstall

Shareware limitation: A pop-up message in the DLL.

Download it and try it out now!

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