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Automate your pre-report parameter dialogs and data filtering dialogs.


QueryDialog is an enormous help in building filtering capabilities into your reports and searches and will save a lot of time you otherwise have to spend designing a separate dialog to display before each report or data search. A big advantage is the unified look and feel of all such dialogs in your application.


QueryDialog is an easy-to-use Delphi component for presenting data-aware questions to the users, and translating the answers into SQL statements. Textual description of conditions entered is available for display in a natural-like language. You can also process the results as an XML document or an INI file. All SQL dialects are supported.


All basic data types are supported (string, numeric, date). Separate conditions can be joined with Boolean logic, and extended operators (between, wildcards, etc.). Multiple-choice questions can be represented as combo boxes, checklists and radio groups. Questions can be arranged into a tree-like structure for better transparency. And you can test whether your dialog works on-the-fly thanks to the data-aware designer.