APMap Library for Borland Delphi


APMap is a shareware component library for reflecting numeric data on geographical maps and schemes in your programs. APMap automatically paints objects of your map patterns in different colors associated with data for corresponding territories, so you receive obvious graphic view of territorial data from your databases.

The most natural way to show territorial data is geographical map. Geoinformation systems (GIS) perform this function, but there are many tasks where these powerful tools are excessive. If you just want to make visual representation of data for users of your programs, APMap is exactly what you need. There are several methods of assigning colors to map objects in APMap; you may select necessary method and set its properties in run-time and in design-time.

APMap is a native Delphi component library, it may be compiled into your programs and doesn't need external files (dll, ocx etc.). Map patterns (multilayer vector-based drawings) may be edited by APMap Editor utility; you may load them from files in your programs, or directly include them into applications.

Editions of APMap

Contents of APMap editions

Item Description APMap Library 1.1 Standard APMap Library 1.1 Professional APMap Data Viewer 1.0
APMap Editor Vector-based editor of APMap drawings Yes Yes Yes
APMap Data Viewer Application for reflecting territorially distributed numeric data from BDE-available databases on APMap drawings (prepared in APMap Editor) Yes (Source codes) Yes (Source codes) Yes
APMap Library Units Suite of components for using APMap in Delphi projects Yes (Compiled *.dcu units) Yes (Source codes) No
Maps Prepared APMap drawings (World, Europe, Russia, USA, Ex-USSR) Yes Yes Yes


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