DbAltGrid by Quasidata

Did you ever wish of having a grid that lets you display and edit data not as rows and columns, but as records? A grid that would allow you to build unique user interface solutions? We offer you a new approach to the data grid interface. We offer you DbAltGrid.

DbAltGrid is fully compatible with common DBGrid shipped with the VCL. The TDbAltGrid class is a TCustomDBGrid descendant, as TDBGrid is. By migration to DbAltGrid, you will not get any code conflict or loss in grid functionality.

DbAltGrid adds the following features to the common DBGrid:

DbAltGrid comes with a set of helper components:

The taoDbGrid component wich is a part of Transfer@once provides extra functionality for DbAltGrid:

DbAltGrid Suite 1.3 is available for Delphi 4, 5, 6 and C++ Builder 4, 5.

Please visit http://www.quasidata.com/dbaltgrid.html for additional information.

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