by Yaroslav Novitsky - Sandman

Component: It is kind of intelligent viewer. It means that you only give it a FileName and it defines it type due to extention (one of the supported) and shows it.
Supported file types: bmp, jpg, avi, ico, emf, wmf, wav, mid, rmi, midi, mov, ani, gif, txt, rtf.
Demo: executable included.
Requires: RX Library.
Go: for new versions.

Main side of this component is that you don't have to define a filetype by yourself, then create a resource for it (TImage, TRichEidt, ...), then view it - you simply write Viewer.FileName:=MyFile;

TViewer is a descendent of TPanel - all Panel Properties, Methods and Events avaliable. Plus some TViewer's new Properties, Events and Methods:

Design-time properies:

Run-time properties:



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