EnhComboBox, ImgComboBox Components for Delphi 4

Author: Norbert ADAMKO
e-mail: norris@frdsa.utc.sk
Copyright 1999
Version 1.5, 25 April 1999

Short description

ComboBoxes with flat MS Office 97 style, item images and indentation level (exactly like ComboBoxEx from Microsoft used in Windows Explorer). Does not use any additional forms for drop down part (resource saving), like many other components. Inherits from Delphi's TCustomComboBox. Great for use on toolbars and in explorer-like forms.

TEnhComboBox Features

This component inherits from TCustomComboBox and introduces few new properties, methods, events as well as Office 97 look.

TImgComboBox Features

This component inherits from TCustomEnhComboBox and introduces few new properties and methods. This ComboBox has abilities of Microsoft's ComboBoxEx (as seen in Windows Explorer) common control (I'm trying to implement ComboBoxEx - it's a lot of work. That's why I decided to make this one.) plus all of the properties of EnhComboBox.

Revision history

1.5 Added image overlay support
Fixed pushed button behavior
1.4 Fixed bug with loosing ExtendedInterface, HorizontalExtent and DropDownWidth values when recreating ComboBox
1.3 Added new properties: EnhComboBox.AlwaysShowBorder and ImgComboBox.SelectedImage.
Fixed bug with forgotten debugging variable, which set parent's form caption to its value (Oops ;-).
1.2 First public release