This small unit DotmatrX.PAS intended for direct printing from Win applications to external output devices (usually dot-matrix printers like Epson LX-300 or Epson LX-1050+), connected to PC through LPT-port in TEXT mode. Also it designed to cut up wide texts into small-format paper.

Program is FREEWARE, you are FREE to use this text until sign of my authority, which is mandatory, is present in source text.

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(c) 1998-2000 by Igor Homyn.

Technical description:

Created in Delphi4. It might work in other versions, although not tested.

To use this amazing thing:
1. Add her to the project by pressing Shift+F11 or selecting "Project/Add to project...";
2. Add her name to uses clause;
3. Start preparing document with call to BeginPrint procedure;
4. Print some plain text by calling to Print (no carrige return) or Println (with carrige return) procedures;
5. Stop preparing document and see what you do by calling EndPrint procedure. For real printing press the upper-right button.
You might use other formatting routines:
LBrush - to align string to left with fixed width;
RBrush - to align string to right with fixed width;
CBrush - to align string to center with fixed width;
Fill - to form string of given width filled with specified character.