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  • TDataSet descendant (use all database-controls)
  • Replaces BDE and SQL Links
  • Commit control
  • TSQLQuery always returns a read-only result set
  • Implicit row based posting of updates via TSQLUpdate
  • Minimizes use of SQL Server connections
  • Retains most properties/methods of TQuery and TUpdateSQL
  • No OCX:s or DLL:s (except for MS SQL Servers driver ntwdblib.dll and protocol drivers).
  • Minimizes application footprint and startup times.
  • Uses Delphis:s fields editor.
  • High performance!
  • Works with D3 Standard and Professional as well as Client Server version.
  • Full blob support


TSQLServer - connects the queries to a MS SQL Server. Methods for commit control.

TSQLQuery - A query component that executes passthru SQL-statements. It can also cache all records in the record set and drop the server connection thus making it an ideal solution for applications with a large number of clients. The dataset is read-only and updates are performed thru the TSQLUpdate component.

TSQLUpdate - Updates tables on the server. The updates are triggered on every post event on the corresponding TSQLQuery component.

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