RegPack (RegComp) Installation and Related Notes:



1. Copyright and Conditions-The component "RegComp.dcu" has been copyrighted with the US Copyright Office (US Library of Congress, 11/98). The author gives you, "the user", permission to incorporate the component into a commercially-distributed or non commercially-distributed software application so long as this software application is in the form of a compiled executable file (a ".exe" file). The author reserves the rights to any and all other uses. The component may not be decompiled, reverse-engineered, nor modified in any other form without the author's express written permission.


2. Disclaimer-While the author has put forth a good faith effort to ensure that the component herein functions without error and imposes no deleterious side-effects upon the user's compiled computer code, this software component is provided "AS IS" and the author (Fred J. Edberg) accepts no liability nor responsibility for the performance of the component itself or for any effects intended or otherwise upon the final program which the component is included into.


3. Compatibility-The component has been tested in both the Delphi 2 and Delphi 3 environments and appears to have no problem in either. The component is NOT compatible with the 16-bit Delphi 1.0 environment (this is due to the use of certain primitive numerical data types and such). I have not tested it in Delphi 4.0. But, this zipped installation archive includes both the D3 package and related files, as well as, the 'bare' compiled component ('regcomp.dcu'). Should you have any difficulties with the package installation (D3 and D4), then you can always choose to install the single component ('regcomp.dcu) into an existing package and this should work just fine as a "fallback" strategy.


4. Functionality-This component is a by-product of some code I developed while in graduate school and which I had revised since that time. The statistical functions included within primarily focus upon MULTIVARIATE (MV) PARAMETRIC and REGRESSION related tasks. Does it do everything for everyone? Well, no-but here's a brief, but partial, list:



Regression summary parameters (Mean Square Regression, Mean Square Error, Model F Statistic, Deg. of Freedom, Sum Squares Total, Sum Squares Regression, Sum Squares Error, etc.)

Predicted Values of Y

Residuals-Raw, standardized, studentized

Diagnostics-Cook's Distances, Leverages

Confidence Intervals on Predicted Values of Y-At alpha = 0.99, 0.95, and 0.90.

Stepwise Procedure(s)-Variables added one-at-a-time ( and (n..downto..1), and all-possible-combinations [up to 8 predictor variables]).


Measures of Covariance/Correlation:

Predictor Variables Covariance Matrix

Predictor Variables Correlation Matrix

Predictor Variables Means-Differences Matrix

Paired Predictor Variable(s) on Dependent Variable Summaries


Statistical Distance and Separability Measures:

Distance Measures of a single data point to the [parametric, in most cases] 'center' of a distribution: including the "L" distance, Euclidean, Normalized Euclidean, Mahalanobis, and Maximum Likelihood.

Separability Measures: Average Normal Distance, and Divergence


Variable Transformation Functions:

Standardized Scores (z's)

Centered Scores

Normalized Scores


Univariate Variable Summary Statistics:





Std. Dev.

Coefficient of Variation






Advanced Variables Analysis:


Condition Indexes (for each component)

Eigenvectors Matrix

Factors Matrix

Factors Loadings Matrix

Principal Component Scores (from covariances)


Supporting Functions/Misc.:

Statistical Tables: t, z, F (partial)

Lower-level functions for vector and matrix manipulations and summaries


5. Contact Info/Shareware/Souce Availability-A shareware version is available which contains identical functionality but with the suppression of the "nag" dialog shown both at design-time and at run-time. The shareware component is US $20.00 and is returned via email (only). The component is sent within one day upon receipt of the secured payment.

The full source code is available. This includes six files (1 main component [.pas], and 5 include files [.inc]) and contain about 8000 lines of code total. The cost is US $100.00 and it also is returned via email (only). Similar payment and transfer procedures are used in this case as well.


Make Checks Payable to:

Fred Edberg

Send To:

17285 SE Oatfield Rd.

Milwaukie, OR 97267





For Examples and Uses of the Component: