PrintDAT! for Delphi


Design instant reports to print your TdbGrid, TTable, TQuery, TStringGrid, TDecisionGrid, TDecisionQuery the easy way, in just 1 second.

Drop our PrintDAT! component onto the form that has a grid and double click it. You'll see the report in our report previewer. There are no field layouts or formatting to perform. Compile the PrintDAT! report into your application by adding just 1 line of code. Itís all done automatically. It sure beats designing grid reports the old fashioned way!

Plenty of Output Options:

1. Print the grid report to your printer

2. Save the grid report to a text file

3. Export the grid's data to Microsoftís Excel or to any other program using ASCII delimited output

4. Send a page of the report to the Windows clipboard where it can be pasted into another program

5. Send the report output to the built-in report previewer

PrintDAT! can print these components and more are on the way:

1. TdbGrid

2. TStringGrid

3. TTable

4. TQuery

5. TDecisionGrid

6. TDecisionQuery

Remarkable Reporting Breakthrough With TDecisionGrid

Youíve already spent a couple thousand dollars on Delphi Client Server to get the TDecisionGrid component (DecisionCube) but you canít show it to anyone because you canít print it, UNTIL NOW! PrintDAT! will print your TDecisionGrid component and will accurately reflect the dimensions shown on the screen. This means if you collapse or expand a dimension on the screen, the report will adjust automatically. Youíll be able to print detail information by expanding all the dimensions, or summarize the report by compressing any number of dimensions, or print a radically different report by swapping the row and column dimensions. PrintDAT! handles this without any code changes and without recompiling your program. This demonstrates the power of dynamic reporting that is built into PrintDAT!. It does all of the thinking for you. If youíve never seen a TDecisionGrid component before, check out our demo program (listed below) that has a working TDecisionGrid and a corresponding PrintDAT! report.

PrintDAT! has lots of flexibility - Plenty of runtime options:

1. Itís Super Easy - If you can use a dialog component, you can use PrintDAT!. Drop the PrintDAT! component onto your form that has the grid and double click the component to view the report while still in the Delphi IDE. Or add 1 line of code to compile the report into your .exe file. DCUís and runtime packages are included.

2. Report Previewer - Saves paper by viewing the report before itís printed

3. Saves Time - There are no time consuming field layouts to do. PrintDAT! automatically positions the fields for you and even does the line drawing. You end up with a finished report in just seconds.

4. Report Options are selected at runtime so thereís no need to recompile your program if you need to make changes.

5. Shrink to Page - Automatically finds the proper font size to fit the entire grid onto the printed page.

6. Dynamic Reporting - The report adjusts to the size of paper and orientation. It automatically fills the page with more columns when printing in landscape mode or when using a larger size paper like legal size paper.

7. Saves Paper - Newspaper panels can print up to 10 narrow grids across the page. No more wasted white space.

8. No Grid is Too Wide - Print grids with over 1,000 columns across using horizontal page breaks.

9. Optimized Column Widths for string and memo fields. Thatís right. You can now print wordwrapped memo fields or large string fields in a grid cell. This prevents a long string or memo fields from occupying the entire width of the page because now theyíre automatically wordwrapped onto several lines within a cell.

10. No Truncated Data - PrintDAT! automatically adjusts the column widths to fit the data. Thereís no guesswork and you get perfect reports every time.

11. Super Fast Printing - We clocked it at 10 pages/sec when printing an 80 column report to a text file.

12. Export Your Data to Other Programs - Export your dbGrid to MS Excel or other spreadsheet/graphics program. PrintDAT! can export the data from all of the these components: TdbGrid, TQuery, TTable, TStringGrid, TDecisionGrid and TDecisionQuery. This means youíll be able to do fancy filtering, queries, sorting, and crosstab summations and have other programs read the results.

13. Runtime Titles - Add report titles, headers, and footers at runtime. Theyíre automatically wordwrapped if necessary and are always positioned correctly on the report even when the page is switched to landscape orientation.

14. Security - Report Passwords will prevent unauthorized printing. The report options window can be also be hidden from the user to prevent tampering.

15. PrintDAT! is 100% VCL code. There are no DLLís or Active-X files to worry about. The reports will compile into your .exe file like any other procedure. No royalties.

16. Source code is available as an option. Source code will be shipping in Jan'99.

Who needs PrintDAT!?

Anyone whoís tired of creating grid reports the old fashioned way. Weíve all been there. Itís boring and tedious work. With conventional reports you drag field after field to the report form, line up the fields one by one, adjust their font sizes, then panic when you run out of horizontal space for the remaining fields, forcing you to go back to reposition all the fields and then readjust the font sizes so you can cram in more fields. Why go through this type of report gymnastics time after time? Donít you have better things to do?

You already have a grid with all of the information in it. Why canít you just say
"Take this grid and print it?". Well, now you can! With PrintDAT! you donít need to create yet another form in your application to hold the report. PrintDAT! works like a dialog component. Just drop our PrintDAT! component onto the form that has your grid, and add "pdtPrintDAT1.Print;" to a button or to a menu item. Thatís it! It doesnít get any easier than this. Youíre done in just seconds. With PrintDAT! all of your important dbGrids can be printed by adding a button and 1 line of code to your form. Your clients will love you for it. It's easy. It's fast. It's powerful. It's PrintDAT!.

Order Info:

Get PrintDAT! for the low price of only $49 (USD). MasterCard and Visa accepted. This includes both DCUís and packages. PrintDAT! works with all versions of Delphi. Plus youíll get the Client Server version too, so you can print your TDecisionGrid. Thereís more. Order now and get a free upgrade to PrintDAT! version 1.1 which will include Woll2Woll grid compatibility (3rd party compatibility may require the purchase of the source code). PrintDAT! comes with a 30 day Money Back Guarantee. Place your order using our secure encrypted order form on our website at, or E-Mail You can also fax your order to 1-204-947-1138. We will then e-mail you the serial# so you can download PrintDAT! from our web site. You'll be enjoying the power of PrintDAT! within a few hours of placing your order. Please be sure to include your E-Mail address when faxing. Or you can call our sales line at 1-204-942-3301 (9-5 Central Time).

PrintDAT! Demo Program

Seeing is believing. Our demo program is already compiled and ready to run. It is chalked full of grids and reports that shows off all of the snazzy PrintDAT! features. All you need is the BDE and the DEMO database that came with Delphi. You can also use this demo to print data from your very own tables or export your tables to MS Excel and to other programs. Download the demo program from:

PrintDAT! Evaluation Component

Try out evaluation component. Youíll be able to drop PrintDAT! onto your form and within seconds print your own TdbGrid, TQuery, TTable, TStringGrid, TDecisionGrid, and TDecisionQuery components from your very own applications. Note: The PrintDAT! evaluation component has a 4 page limit and must be run from within Delphi. Download the evaluation component from:

PrintDAT! Sample Reports are online!

If you donít have time to download anything, see our sample reports online. These are actual screen snapshots of our demo program and the output that it can produce. To see the sample reports, visit:

Your Database Universe is now Printable within in 1 second!

Turn up the warp drive Scotty because now a whole galaxy of databases can be printed. Print data from Paradox, dBase, Access, Interbase, MS SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Informix, etc.. Any database that is accessible through the BDE can be printed by PrintDAT! at warp speed. Plus compatibility with several 3rd party database engines will also be added in early í99.

Creating grid reports has never been this easy. Once youíve used PrintDAT!, you may never want to go back to printing grids the old fashioned way! PrintDAT! is only is $49 (USD). For source code add $99 (USD). It will pay for itself the very first time you use it. Visit our web page for more information at

If you want a super fast, super easy way to print and export your grids, it has to be PrintDAT!