NewLook Fields Editor

The NewLook Fields Editor is a replacement for the standard Delphi Fields Editor (that appears when you double click a dataset component like TTable). It provides many additional features and is available with full source code. It works with 3rd party datasets as well as the standard ones.

Every Delphi developer who writes database applications should have this package as it allows you to:

  1. use your own TField derived classes. For example: you can create a percentage field that displays "15%", or turn a calculated field into a "virtual" field which accepts new values!
  2. quickly edit properties for all the fields in a dataset, saving you lots of time. For example: setting up the DisplayLabel property for all your fields becomes a snap!
  3. many other useful features (check our web site for a full feature list).

The self-extracting exe installs quickly and painlessly into Delphi 3 and uninstalls using Control Panel, Add/Remove Programs.

You can still use the standard Delphi Fields Editor as well (by right clicking a dataset and selecting from the menu). So there are no disadvantages to installing it in your existing Delphi 3 setup.

A fully functional freeware version is available at, no time limit, no nags. Use it to speed up your database development! This version is limited to registering four new TField derived classes. That won't stop you using it to save lots of time.