LMD-Tools Standard/Professional

1997, 98 by LMD Innovative, http://www.lmd.de


LMD Tools 3, is a collection of 110+ native Delphi components that can be compiled into your application royalty free, and without the need of additional files for distribution. Buttons, Dialogs, Multimedia, System, Data-aware, Container, Standard, Label, and Extended controls will allow the developer to produce professional applications, quicker and easier than ever before.

If you are looking for enhanced functionality of existing components in the VCL, or just want to add that personal touch to your application, LMD Tools 3 has a solution to fit you. And it ships with a vast array of sample projects and demos for all of the components found in the package. As very special bonus each version is bundled with WPTools Light (LMD-Edition, easy to use RTF-editor and -label).



In addition to the following features found in both versions of LMD-Tools, Professional version also includes:


Components in Standard and Professional Versions:

LMDBtn Tab


LMD Ext Tab

LMD Std Tab

LMD V1 Tab

The following components are included only for compatibility to version 1 of LMD-Tools. Don't use these components in any new projects!

LMD Cont Tab

LMD Dlg Tab



1997, 98 by LMD Innovative
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