TInterMeter component and TInternetInfo object

TInterMeter component and TInternetInfo object

      TInterMeter is a visual component, which can display graphically information about throughinput/throughoutput during internet session. You may adjust its appearance using following published properties:

      With read only run-time properties Sent, Received and Speed it is possible to get know about number of bytes sent and received from the start of last connection and connection speed.
      Creating event handlers for events OnConnect, OnDisconnect, OnStable and OnScan it is possible to add special behaviour for Your application.

      TInternetInfo is a poor pascal object, which incapsulates the main functionality of this package. With function GetConnectInfo( var Speed, Received, Sent : Integer):Boolean it provides Your application with information about current connection status. And it does not use graphics, timers and so on. You may use it along to create small modem statistics and monitoring applications.


   Since the object TInternetInfo was separated from the package, source of TInterMeter component is not more a secret.
   To purchase the source of TInternetInfo object (for $20), You may use on-line registration service.
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