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Eval library.

Arithmetic,String,Date & Boolean Expression Evaluator

You can evaluate expressions at run-time, run-time database filters, enduser friendly inteface.

Download trial version, Demo Exe Eval library in details Functions list

                    EVAL Library is library of components for run-time scoring expressions and conditions ordered by user. Basic component is replenished about some of graphic components used for users enjoyable inputting expressions and conditions, so, that final user doesn't have to know syntax of individual functions. There is a component to disposition too, which enables simple registry created expressions and conditions and their again exploitation without necessary again putting information's.

Component TEVAL is base of the library EVAL LIB. Enables to score expressions inputted in the form of string .Library supports almost 180 functions, that some of them are normal using in Delphi, but to many is over standard.

Package of components Eval help serving for alleviation of work in a data base applications written in Delphi. These components have to alleviate respectively to enable following reality .


The solutions :

Our offered package of components Eval in a big section is solving these small Delphi defolts. The basic is the component Eval, which serves for run-time for scoring of expressions ordered in string variables. This component has powerful basic, which string after calculates it analyses and than repeating scores. Besides it's supporting prevailingly section of standard functions Delphi and over has a few very strong functions, which are built into the component TEVAL.

Example of user interface:


Example of using component TEvalSimpleDesigner and linked grid with filtered records.

Disadvantages of components EVAL:

As there is evaluated a term, which is defined when the program is working, its evaluation takes a longer time as a classic one. According to measuring installed in demo program to EVAL library, there is a direct compile code and times faster as the evaluation through EVAL library.