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ElTree snapshot

ElTree is 100% native VCL replacement for ListView, TreeView, and any Custom Grid!!!

    ElTree is fully customizable visual component, that can represent any type of hierarchically built data. It is excellent for exploring databases, directory structures, registries, or any other type of data, that are built like a tree. You don't need to use the combination of TTreeView and TListView anymore - TCustomElTree gives you all their power.

Main TElTree features include:

You can easily create specialized browsers using the TCustomElTree as ancestor.


ElHeader snapshot

    ElHeader is a completely rewritten Header Control, that introduces lots of new properties. It's major features are:

ElHeader is designed to be integrated to other controls (like ElTree) and has special functions and events for this.


ElStatusBar is a replacement for a standard Windows status bar. It allows the user to resize, hide or show status panels, and put controls "inside" the panel (so the panel controls the size of the control). Owner-drawn panels are supported too.


ElToolBar is a replacement for a standard Windows toolbar. It allows the user to resize and move the bar at run-time, supports auto-size bars, unified control over the buttons.


ElMRU is the original MRU (Most Recently Used items) manager. Its unique features include:


Progress bars provide users with visual feedback about the progress of a procedure within an application. ElBiProgressBar shows the progress in two different colors. This makes possible to show the progress of current operation and total progress.
For example, when copying multiple files, your program can use ElBiProgressBar to show the progress of copying every file and total copy percentage.


ElColorCombo allows the user to easily select colors. Clicking on a down arrow will offer a pull-down manu, and clicking on a rest of ElColorCombo will show the Windows color selection dialog.


ElDropTarget component turns a WinControl descendant, associated with its Target property into an OLE drop target, so that the user can drop some data into it. Just drop an ElDropTarget to the form and set its Target property and event handlers. Then, when the user drags the data over a Target, or drops them to the Target, the appropriate events are fired.


TElCLipboardMonitor monitors the clipboard and fires an OnChange event, when the clipboard contents has changed. It also provides a way to access the data that are in Clipboard.


ElOneInstance component allows your program to be run only once. When the second instance of the program is started you can define an action, or just switch to the first instance. The parameters of the second instance are passed to the first instance.


TElOptions component is capable to store its published integer, string and boolean properties in registry, INI-file or ElIniFile. If you have lots of options and want to store or load them to registry, INI-file or ElIniFile, make a descendant component and add your options as properties to your descending component.


Use ElHistogram to plot different performance graphs etc.. ElHistogram is easy-to-use and simple component with basic functionality. If you need more power, you can use ElGraph component.


ElColorMap component allows you to simplify color customization in your program and save and restore color customization. Also ElColorMap helps you to create predefined color shemes. Color settings can be set in design-time and modified by the user in run-time. Multiple controls can be notified when ColorMap is changed.


ElIniFile component is the powerful replacement for (and a combination of) TRegistry and TIniFile. ElIniFile allows you to store hierarchically organized data in a text file. ElIniFile stores boolean, integer, string, StringList and binary data in a usual text file, that can be opened with any text editor. The data in ElIniFile are organized into keys and values. Both keys and values can have some data, but keys are similar to IniFile sections (they contain values) and can also contain subkeys.

As ElIniFile works with text files and works with any data, you can use it not only for storing options, but also for usual data (see DizMan demo for example).


ElURLLabel snapshot

    ElURLLabel is the TLabel descendant, that shows the text, and when the user clicks the label, the default browser or mailing aget is started. ElURLLabel includes Netscape-like cursor, that is visible when the user moves the mouse over the ElURLLabel .


ElImageList fixes the standard ImageList and stores the images in the format, that doesn't depend on Comctl32.dll version (the problem, that is well-known for everyone, who uses image lists on different operating systems).


ElDragDrop is the component, that acts as the source and target for OLE drag'n'drop operations. With this component you can simply implement drag'n'drop even for your own controls (the unit can be used as a sample of how to implement OLE drag'n'drop handling).


ElGraph builds the graphs using the given data. Multiple graphs can be drawn in the one ElGraph at the same time. ElGraph is ideal for use in performance monitors etc. . For example of using Graphs, look at EldoS Pinger in our "Freebies" section.


ElClock is the small clock, that can display time of different time zones. On click it displays the date in the selected time zone. ElClock can also work as a time counter (a timer), that can be suspended and resumed.


ElPopupButton is a TWinControl descendant, that provides a glyph like TSpeedButton, pulldown menu, an arrow for the pulldown menu, and some other advanced features.


ElDice is a TWinControl descendant, that shows 2D or 3D-looking dice and supports rotating. ElDicePanel offers the unified control over dices put on it.


ElHook is a component that allows tyou to spy and/or process Windows messages before or after they get to the windows control.


ElFormPersist component allows to save and restore form's (state, size, position, active control) and components' properties in the ElIniFile (and in Registry). It may be also used to prevent form resize, and to make the form TopMost. The data is stored when the form is being hidden or destroyed. The data is restored when the form is being shown. Components properties list to save and restore can be defined in design-time.


The ElTrayIcon component is used to add the icon to the system tray. Static and animated icons can be added. ElTrayIcon has posibility not to react on clicks when a modal form is shown (to avoid two modal forms appearing on the screen).


Use ElFormCaption component to customize form's caption look and feel - to draw the caption in gradient color or using bitmap and to add colored caption text and additional buttons to the form caption.


ElGauge can be used to display percentage information or some state, using gauge or pie graph.


This component offers a simple "Tip of the Day" dialog. It picks tip text from resource strings. Tip ID is chosen randomly.