TBzInterMeter component, TBzInterInfo and
TBzPerformanceInfo objects
version 3.1

TBzInterMeter componentTBzInterInfo and
TBzPerformanceInfo objects
version 3.1

      TBzInterMeter is a visual component, which can display graphically information about throughinput/throughoutput during internet session. You may adjust its appearance using following published (Design Time) properties (navy text is to express new ones versus old (now cancelled) TInterMeter component; and symbol '*' is marking new ones in version 3.1 vs version 3.0):

      With read only run-time properties Sent, Received and Speed it is possible to get know about number of bytes sent and received from the start of last connection (or from restart of computer - under Windows95/98) and connection speed. Under WinNT the last of those, Speed is unknown and is 0. Property Display : TBitmap can be used to paint additional elements over display without flickering. Property Region : HRgn can be used (in event OnRegion) to add areas of form to be shown in Transparent mode.
      Creating event handlers for events OnConnect, OnDisconnect, OnStable, OnScan, OnRegion and OnDisplay it is possible to add special behaviour for Your application. Also standard events are available: OnClick, OnDblClick, OnKeyDown, OnKeyPress, OnKeyUp, OnOnMouseMove, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp.

      TBzInterInfo is a poor pascal object, which incapsulates the main functionality of this package. With properties BytesRecvd, BytesXmit and ConnectSpeed it is possible to obtain correspondent information about current state of connection after calling method Refresh. This last method is called automatically each time when values of first three properties is reading if property AutoRefresh is set to True. This object does not use graphics, timers and so on. You may use it along to create small modem statistics and monitoring applications.

    TBzPerformanceInfo is a poor pascal object, which is intended to obtain performance statistics information from Windows NT registry. It does not work under Windows 95/98 but this does not stop application from loading. Just You have to verify OS version before using it at run time. Properties:



   This set of components and objects is commercial. You can try it by downloading this demo-version with restricted functionality (it can work only under Delphi running). To purchase functional version of TBzInterMeter component, TBzInterInfo and TBzPerformanceInfo object ($30), You may use on-line registration service.
   If You want to purchase the source (for $89), You may use on-line registration service.
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