PBEditPack is a FREEWARE package with 6 Edit-components for Delphi (I have only tested with Delphi 3.0).

I made most of the components because I like to set focus using the mouse and because standard Delphi components does not autoselect with the mouse (it does when using <tab>).

I also needed Alignment very much.

Conversion between binary, hexadecimal and integer numbers do we all need from time to time, so that's what PBBinHexEdit can do, besides editing and displaying.

PBNumEdit is a very all-round Edit-component for numbers. Supports WYSIWYG editing; floating or fixed decimalpoint with 0 to 14 decimals; Standard numberformat along with thousands, scientific and engineering formats. You can specify a max.- and a min. value. Set or access the value as integer, currency or extended. You can combine it with the 'Up-Down'-component, showing thousandseparators, if you like. You can even type exponential numbers, when Numberformat is Standard.