Product "JMS Library for Delphi" is designed for using Java Message Service in applications created with Borland Delphi.
When you use this library, you can:
... use prevalent JMS technology for communicating among processes;
... use best understanding of modern JMS methodics for creating your applications;
... make communicate among processes written in different programming languages (Java, C++, etc.);
... use freeware products.

Current version: JMS Library for Delphi v 1.0.2 build 3 from 29-Jan-2004.
Complete package contains:
  • jmsAPI - declaration of the JMS API;
  • jmsSMQ - concrete implementations of the JMS API for SonicMQ 4/5;
  • examples - source code of JMS Library and SonicMQ server usage examples.

  • This library is supplied in source code only. You can build required executables by yourself.