TBASSPlayer is a Delphi component which can play WAV, MPx(MP1 /MP2/MP3), WMA and Ogg Vorbis files using BASS sound system ( BASS.DLL and BASSWMA.DLL). TBASSPlayer also can play other stream file types using Winamp 2 input plug-ins such as ASF, MID, CDA(Audio CD) and any other file types if you have appropriate plug-ins for them.

TBASSPlayer supports internet file stream. The MPx, OGG or WAV files on the internet can be played with native BASS sound system. And the ASF and WMA files on the internet can be played using Winamp 2 input plug-ins.

TBASSPlayer also support followings.

 ● Internet radio (Shout/Icecast & WMA stream from internet)

 ● Winamp 2 visualization plug-ins

 ● Winamp 2 DSP plug-ins

 ● 10 Band Equalizer

 ● Sound effect (Flanger, Echo, Reverb)

 ● WINAMP-like Spectrum visualization

Demo program included.