The Y-Tech Component Package

Currently, the Y-Tech Component Package consists of 3 robust and extremely useful Delphi shareware components (and one free class!). They all work with Delphi 2, 3 & 4. They are:

TExportListView Exports any ListView component (or descendant) to 7 different formats (HTML, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Text, Tab-Delimited Text, Comma-Delimited Text and the Clipboard)!!!. You can even quickly create your own export  format. Can be viewed on the screen or exported to file. It also shows a nice progress bar on the screen when exporting.

This is the Choose method which lets the user choose which export format to use. You can also use the Execute method if you want to specify the format yourself.

Here's a sample of the HTML Export Format's output.

TSaveListView Saves the contents of any ListView component (or descendant) to a file and also lets you load it. It has the full complement of Save, SaveAs, Open methods and events which   will handle all the user dialogs and menu item/button enabling/disabling for you. ie. you don't have to worry  about a thing, really!

It also shows a nice progress bar on the screen when saving or opening.

TSaveCheckState Remembers which menu items in a MainMenu or Popup are checked. Menu Items can be nested as many levels down as you want. When it restores the checks, TSaveCheckState can  either restore the checks or execute the OnClick handler for that menu item.

You can download it from the Delphi Super Page or from here.

(c) 1998 Y-Tech Corporation